Writer's Block: Let the sun shine in
Do you believe in global warming? Do you think the sustainability concept is undervalued, valid, or taken too far?

There is no denying global warming. It is a fact, something that has happened in the past and will happen again, just like Global cooling. The question is whether or not it will happen in our time and if there's anything we can even do about it. Remember, the era of human beings have only existed for a minuscule portion of the actual life of the planet. So global warming could be coming, but will we all even be here when it does? My answer is maybe, possibly. Which leads to my other question, is there anything we can do to stop it? My answer is no. There are 192 countries in the world under no uniform government. The state is the sovereign, period. Therefore, all these countries must decide on their own accord to cut back their our carbon emission and release of greenhouse gases. Is this plausible? Absolutely not. There will never be a consensus among all these nations. the only thing we can hope for is a deceleration rather than an elimination of this problem.

im in
I've successfully logged in, after a lot of annoying tries.

My reverberating heart as i cross over
im getting old
so as it seems
my time must surely be up
for my senile mind is changes allegiances
and turning toward the red

for liberty! for equality!
or at least
i think?


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